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Mount Kinabalu climb...AGAIN??



Yup, this will be my third time climbing this majestic mountain, the highest in Malaysia. This time I'm taking the Mesilau trail which is 2km longer than the timpohon trail. Initially there were three people climbing but one of my friend fell sick and left only us two in the journey. Although there were only two of us during the climb, we were enjoying the whole experience and definitely not lonely. Thanks to the friends we made along the way.


This time my journey was quite enjoyable with me taking photos along the way, meeting and chatting with the other hikers along the trail. Chatted with another guide who was showing me interesting photos and videos in his handphone whilst at the same time carrying a heavyload of about 25kg. Salute you la uncle...haha. Thanks to this uncle who made our journey fun with his lame jokes and interesting stories.


Lucky for us the weather was very good, however there were some water cuts at the accommodation at laban rata. Initially we were told that we were booked at Laban Rata for the night but upon reaching Laban Rata, there were some confusion and we were arranged to stay at Panar Laban Hut. I wouldn't mind staying at Panar Laban if I was told earlier. I could've bring some food up as I definitely would not be going down to Laban Rata for the 2am supper. Anyway, we bought some food at Laban Rata and climbed another 200m after our dinner that day. Luck was on our side as only the washroom at Panar Laban has water while Laban Rata has water cut. We were sharing the 6 beds dorm with three other young guys from Hong Kong. Chatted with them for awhile before turning off the lights at 6.30pm to sleep. They asked their guide to meet them at 2.20am at the hut whilst we asked our guide to meet us at 2.30am. As it turned out, our guide came picked us at 2.20am instead. We walked a short distance to the beginning of the trail to the peak next to Gunting Lagadan hut and met Chris, uncle Jag and uncle Mohan. We chatted for awhile before beginning our climb in the dark. With our headlights of course. After much training, I'm much better in stamina compared to my previous two climb. We made it around 6.30am to the Low's peak as we were enjoying the sunrise and view 200m below the peak while waiting for the crowd to take photo and climbed down. It was really crowded up at Low's peak. After our photo session with the famous board, both of us proceeded down back to laban rata. The weather was very sunny as we moved steadily down. At one point the uncle guide asked me to jump at a spot for photo. And I was like...huh, I'm dead tired enough to even walk down and you asked me to jump for photo taking...Anyway I obliged and jumped...haha

We reached Panar Laban, changed and packed our bags while Din waited and even fell asleep outside our hut waiting to carry our luggage down to laban rata. That was indication enough of how long us two ladies changed and packed our bags...felt sorry to Din who waited :p

After our late breakfast, we started to descend around 9.45am. After about one kilometer, our 17 year old porter caught up with us and I asked "mana tu abang lagi satu?" to which he replied was still up at laban rata. Oookk....Actually I've no worry as our dear guide was fast and caught up with us after two kilometres. We finally reached timpohon gate at 2pm. Had our late lunch at Balsam restaurant with our friend who didn't climbed and waited for us at the headquarters. Also met Chris and Uncle Jag at lunch while uncle Mohan was still at the trail.

We bid our farewells and went to Pine Resort for our night stay. The next day, we soaked our tired feet at the hot spring at Poring hot spring, visited the butterfly farm, desa cattle farm and the Nabalu market before going to the airport for our journey home.

Sometimes I feel that I'm actually blessed not to have made it to the peak the first time I climbed Kinabalu Mountain. Otherwise I wouldn't have climbed a second or third time and I wouldn't have met such wonderful people during my journey of adventure. Din, my favourite guide who was such a great sport and fun to be with. We became good friends and often keep in touch even after my climb. Dragon, my guide for my first climb, coincidentally we met again during my second and third climb without us planning for it. A funny uncle guide (didn't know his name) who I chatted with along the trail had many stories to tell. Will always remember the lame joke this uncle told us when we were at the peak. Uncle: "Do you know why your hands are cold here?" Us being curious quickly asked "Why ah? Why ah?" Then the uncle replied:"Because it's not hot!" Duh...haha...lame though as it is but we laughed and will definitely remember you uncle. Also met many other hikers along the trail, Uncle Jag, uncle Mohan, Chris who accompanied us along the mesilau trail, the three young guys from Hong Kong, Jess from Australia and many others. From second climb, the 70 plus uncle who quoted "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey" and Mom from Netherlands...Although I might never crossed path again with them all but I am glad that we once did.


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